Making a Man

Now available to literary agents

Who is Graham Hadfield?

Making a Man
by Richard Pearse

A new novel about a young man’s struggle to deal with an unremembered childhood and a more recent guilt. The 1950s and 1960s provide a gritty backdrop as Graham Hadfield’s involvement in an unspeakable incident turns his hapless life upside down and propels him on a 15-year downward spiral of violence, crime and despair.

Richard Pearse

This site is a combination of photography, which I have loved since birth (nearly), and writing, which I’m just discovering.

The nature of photography has changed. No longer do we have the expense of film and film processing. Everyone now takes photographs because everyone now has a mobile phone. While both those aspects of our new world are to be celebrated, much of the skill of the art has been subsumed by digital automation. So, my relationship with Photoshop and other editing software is one of love and hate.

Writing, on the other hand, hasn’t changed much and anyway, I have interested myself in it at a time when writing and editing have moved on from being the tedious long-hand job (now there’s an instance where the hyphen is absolutely vital!) of yesteryear.

I completed my first novel at the end of 2016 and have started my second. I have written a number of short stories and I blog about things going on in my head, about photography and about Gloucester rugby.

This site is not the finished article. It has a number of dead ends and areas that  need continued work. But I will get there.


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Cooper’s ICMs

My thanks to Martin Cooper for last night’s show – a show, he tells us, that was especially designed for the occasion. Tailor made, it was. Bespoke. It included some astonishing photographs and I was particularly impressed with his ICM shots towards the end. (I can’t...

It’s that Swinyard again

It's that Swinyard again Well, I think I’m full to the brim with sunsets and sunrises. All of them brilliant, of course, but it is definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. I was reminded of one of my golden rules for entering SCC competitions when Brian...

Recent Successes at Gloucester Rugby

Recent Successes at Gloucester Rugby This Anglo–Welsh thing is now dead and six-foot under – from a Gloucester point of view, anyway. I haven’t a clue how the pool system works (does anyone?), but I was reliably informed that we would not progress – not even if we won...

Busy times for Stroud Camera Club

Monday 30 January 2017 The week started early for me. And for a number of club supporters who turned up to watch Stroud Camera Club do bloody battle with Cheltenham and Cirencester. And bloody it was … mainly because we didn’t bloody well win, and towards the end of...

Them were the black and white days

Ghost Walkers by Ian Peters I’m not happy with that projector. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s not giving us the sharpness our photography deserves. So I’ve decided to serve notice on it: if it doesn’t sharpen up its act, it’s for the high jump and will be...

Dennis does a trick

As most who know me know, I’m not a great dog lover … although my antipathy towards dogs is positively mild compared to the murderous hatred I feel every time I see a cat. I am knee-deep in cats where I come from and being knee-deep in cats means being ankle-deep in...

Bish Bash Kick at Gloucester Rugby

Here we go again: hot – cold – hot – cold. Today, I’m afraid, I’m blowing cold. And wet and muddy and bloody miserable. You would have thought – wouldn’t you? WOULDN’T YOU? – that having had the season to practice kicking the ball, we’d be half decent at it by now....

A late-night match at Gloucester Rugby

  Gloucester Ed's blog page A late-night match at Gloucester Rugby Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than a night match at Castle Grim: the floodlights shining like beacons; the soft conversations of supporters supping pints outside the ground and the...

The Cheltenham Salon

I don’t know what it is but every time I spend an evening with Martin Fry I come away inspired and determined to pick up my camera, tripod and light meter, get out there and stun the world with the best of my repertoire – and the best of my repertoire normally comes...

Exit, pursued by a muck spreader

I was, this morning, walking lonely as a cloud through the farm by Standish Woods enjoying the fresh air and minding my own business, when I was suddenly assailed by the most pungent of smells. Shit, I thought. That’s raw shit, if ever I smelt it. I glanced around and...

Gloucester Rugby’s Italian Job

  After the Worcester match I wasn’t at all excited about this Challenge Cup business. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important, because it is, as far as any second-tier competition is important. It’s just that before this 4-match hiatus clicked in we were...