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Protected: Rory’s Third

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Castle Grim

  I’ve been giving the Saracens match a lot of thought. Too much, in fact, because those ridiculous finger-waggling fez-festooned Saracens supporters are beginning to invade my nightmares. The thing is, it’s become clear to me that Gloucester versus Saracens this Friday is without doubt the most important sporting occasion…

The daily struggle 12-6-15-6

Two for joy

Couldn’t help noticing all the magpies out today. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be loads of them – up to all sorts of no good, I shouldn’t wonder – and in pairs (thank the Lord) scurrying and cackling their naughtiness. My sister led me on a route march over…


Oh no, not the canal again

Swooshed out today and sunk into the valley. I was feeling bored with photography. I’d be going along a well-trodden path and I couldn’t think what else there would be to photograph. So the challenge I set myself was to come up with something new. The result: total fail. Not a…

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Ups and downs

  What a week, to be sure! Insane editing work meant that the last instruction I had was at a quarter to midnight last Thursday evening. Bed therefore wasn’t till about half one. She was still writing the bloody thesis on the evening before the 10am deadline! Anyway, all’s well…

The daily struggle 2-6-15-11

A difficult day

Tuesday 2 June 2015 Wow, what a morning. It’s raining twigs. Tomato plants and wild flowers blown to the ground. So much to be happy about at the moment. Daughter 1 – happily married, healthy Rory, little girl arriving soon and a new kitchen. Daughter 2 – buzzing with excitement…

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Monday June One

A very straightforward morning walk today, but in so many other ways … as complex as they come. Anna (sister) and I took the easy, flat option and managed to get most of the stroll strolled before the drizzle turned to real rain. The usual jumping out of the way…

Sunday Church-3

Sunday Church

Thought I’d go to church today, being Sunday ’n all, so I had an uplifting fifteen minutes exploring the gravestones of Randwick Parish Church. On my way out I met my new mate, Mrs B. We’re getting quite close if truth be told and we’ve got a bit of a…

The Daily Struggle 26-5-27-6

The daily struggle – 27/5/15

My shed is chaos. Jam-packed full with the usual junk, plus, bizarrely, a couple of half-painted chairs. I can’t actually get inside the shed, and when I want to put something in it – an everyday occurrence – I stand in the doorway and either throw the item in over…

RP - Frampton Lakes-2

Frampton Lakes with SCC

Thursday, 21 May 2015 Well ya boo sucks to all those doomsayers who tell me that Summer Club puts the kybosh on the chances of having reasonable summer weather. As I drove to Frampton Lakes last Thursday evening I casually glanced down at my instrument panel and, apart from telling…